Testicular Prosthesis

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Frequently Asked Questions

If one or both of the testicles are removed, they are placed in the bag (similar to the real anotomic testis).

Testicular Prosthesis

Figure a: Types of different types of prostate prostheses. In these prostheses, the dimensions are adjusted for the dimensions of the other testes.

All patients who have lost their testicles in a way can be worn if they demand it. There are no congenital facilities of some patients. Some patients may have been tested for cancer or other reasons. Testis prosthesis is possible in all these patients.

It is not recommended to wear the testis development in the child group because it continues in the same rhythm. The reason is that there can be a variety of testicular sizes in the future.

The patient is seen preoperatively. The size of the testes already being measured is measured. Similar sizes of prosthesis are ordered. Surgery can be performed by local or local anesthesia. The mean operation time was 30 min. It is up. Then he could be discharged.

No. The infection rate is less than one percent.

Evet, kalır. Testis protezleri son derece dayanıklı ve insan anotomisine ve fizyolojisine en uygun maddelerden imal edilmiştir.

Yes, maybe. Sometimes the partner does not notice the gall. It has a soft silicone structure.

testicular prosthesis

Testis prostheses do not function. It just gives the impression that the testicle was in the bag. In adolescence and then, a number of patients cannot tolerate the loss of an organ and experience anxiety. The prosthesis increases the patient’s self-confidence.